Bert Frac

WARNING To use the keypad, make sure "Num Lock" is on!

  • Move and rotate each piece to form a complete layer.
  • Complete layers disappear and all other blocks move down.
  • Keyboard keys:
    q w e
    a s d f
    z x c v
    l p
    7 8 9 +
    4 5 6
    1 2 3
    q or 7 Diagonal left and back w or 8 or Move back
    e or 9 Diagonal right and back a or 4 or Move left
    s or 5 Rotate d or 6 or Move right
    z or 1 Diagonal left and forward x or 2 or Move forward
    c or 3 Diagonal right and forward v or 0 Drop piece
    f or +
    Move down one row
    (no bonus penalty)
    l (lima) Speed up!
    p or h Pause or help
  • Points:
    • The faster you position a piece, the more points you get.
    • The points bar is shown below the grid. Each time a piece moves down one level, the points bar goes down!
    • A complete layer is worth 100 points.
  • After completing a layer, if you press the drop botton (v or 0), the game will restart right away, bypassing the square by square display.

Extra challenge: prefill layers!

© Martin Bertrand, V1.3
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