There are 5 holidays in Ling Ling's calendar.

But he does NOT get a day off! It is strictly symbolic, and he pratices his usual 40 hours!

Paganini 1st

Play it slow!

To start the year, Ling Ling practices everything Adagio.

Sarasate 31st

Play it fast!

Contrary to "Play it slow!" day, this one is a bit crazy! Ling Ling plays everything Prestissimo!

A fitting end to another successful year.

Vivaldi 15th

Amazing day!

Amazing day! announces the spring about to begin, the revival of nature, the incomming summer!

It is customary to loudly exclaim "Amazing!" whenever Ling Ling completes a movement while he practices.

Bruch 1st

Lamentable day

Sadly all good things must come to an end. As winter decents upon the northen hemisphere, Lamentable day is only enjoyed by those who ski.

Sarasate 10th

Hilary Hahn birthday

Ling Ling celebrates his only true love's birthday, Hilary Hahn.

His only indulgence throughout the year, he allows himself 5 minutes to acknowledge his only failure ever (Mrs. Hahn is married).